Amber Dazzle Fashion Runway Eyeshadow Palette

Amber Dazzle Fashion Runway Eyeshadow Palette

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Amber Dazzle -Fashion Runway - is a dynamic 35 colors eyeshadow palette where each color reflects the cities of this world. This palette is designed to give you all type of glamorous look

AMBER DAZZLE FASHION RUNWAY EYESHADOW PALETTE : This is the most famous eyeshadow palette. It is 35 colors eyeshadow palette which are a perfect pick as they can suit ANY occasion like casual, salon, party, wedding, birthday etc. Perfect gift for your loved ones!!.

WATERPROOF AND LONG-LASTING: Totally waterproof and durable . Once you apply these you do not need to worry as they stay until 24 hours

CRUELTY FREE & VEGAN: Amber Dazzle Eyeshadows are 100% Cruelty- Free and Vegan so you can make your eyes glamorous and beautiful without any guilt