Oily Skin? Time to say goodbye!

Oily skin Skincare Tips

We all have different types of skin. Some oily, some dry and some normal. If your skin is oily then this might be your lucky day cause we have few perfect tips for your skin type.

1. Clay Masks: 

Clay masks are just amazing. It will help you reduce the amount of sebum and relieves your face of bacteria and clogged pores.

2. Moisturizers:

A lot of people with oily skin suffer from dehydration. It is still best to keep moisturizers light. Gel from Aloe Vera and jojoba oil is a good mixture as a moisturizer. No matter what skin type, you always have to keep your skin moist.

3. Green Tea:

You can either use green tea toner or green tea as a toner as green tea also helps to reduce sebum. Green tea is also great for dark spots.

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