Basic Stuff -Know How To Wash Your Face!

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Today let's start with a simple tip!

How do you wash your face? Well the answer to this is pretty easy right? But the question is do you do it the right way?

Let's find out it here. Today I will be writing few easy and 'right' way to wash your face. And here it goes:

First always wash your face with warm water and a Purifying Cleanser and pat dry with a clean towel. Second step would be to apply a toner. Girls don't forget to apply toner cause it is very important for your skin specially for those with extremely oily skin. Gently apply Vitamin C Toner and wait until it dries out. If you have any medication such as acne treatment cream then it's time for you to apply those.

Third, apply eye cream or serum, if you haven't tried my Amber Dazzle Anti-Aging Eye Cream or Firming Collagen Peptide Serum then I would suggest you all to try it out. This step will help your skin prevent from collagen damage. Now it is time for the moisturizer! Most of us tends to skip this part, but let me tell you this is the most important part! 

Don't forget to evenly apply sunscreen, use Vitamin C Day Cream with SPF 30! It will keep you safe from all the harmful UV Rays. And at last apply make up primer or foundation and proceed with your makeup routine!

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